We  are  a couple of  self taught potters making a go of it in Upstate  NY. We wood fire in a ground hog style kiln  that we  built in our back yard. The saying is" where there is a will there is a way " and we feel  this is a perfect illustration of  our philosophy about  life bleeding into  our craft.  We bought a  well loved  stand up kick wheel for 150$ on Craigslist and built our first cone 10 stoneware wood kiln from scavenged ordinary  house bricks in Spring of 2017.  This was the beginning of  Moldy Crow Pottery.

   Charlie's work focuses on locally prospected materials such as shale and wood ash which he  collects and processes by hand and  mixes into them glazes that dress his pieces in parts of the local landscape.

   Deanna's work focuses on more conventional glazes  with a primary focus on celadons allowing  the surface texture of the piece to come through.  Added glass is a prominent feature in her work as well.