The Pottery

The Moldy Crow Pottery is located north of Cooperstown, New York just off scenic Route 20 on the outskirts of the town of Cherry Valley. It is located at the home of potters Deanna and Charlie Varney. The pottery has grown to house  2 wood kilns  . One is  utilized as a soda kiln with a 3rd wood / salt kiln being planned.

Our Processes

Charlie's pots are made from a body made up of prospected and hand dug ingredientsHis glazes made entirely of materials sourced from the earth, ash piles, and sometimes even commercial trash piles. These unrefined, unknown materials often create surfaces that are unlike anything available from off-the-rack ingredients. These glazes then interact unpredictably with the ash,  and vapors of the firing to make unrepeatable pots.

   Deanna's work involves wood as well as soda vapor to achieve a surface that plays together with the highly textured surface of the majority of her pieces. No piece of work is repeatable and every piece is extraordinary as the end result  depends on clay body, slip, texture, shape , and placement in the kiln as well as the direction and amount of sodium vapor released into the kiln.