2022 Workshops

We believe learning, expansion of practice, and understanding are multi faceted. Self exploration, the  trading of  the  ideas, and knowledge gained from that exploration are paramount to our evolution as individuals, as well as artists. We seek to offer opportunities to explore the atmospheric firing process within small groups in the intimate setting of our back yard studio in Cherry Valley, NY.

Please note:   We do not provide lodging on premises but there are several options in the area . We can provide guidance or a list if requested. Please plan to book lodging early if booking a summer workshop as the area also houses the Glimmerglass Opera and is near Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and numerous baseball camps.


Cancelation Policy: Please consider the dates you are registering for carefully. Your participation means that we are planning and purchasing  supplies in preparation. Your reservation is a commitment to fellow participants as much as the instructors . We do understand emergencies do occur. If you are unable to attend please notify us via email or DM via Instagram as soon as you are aware. We will issue a credit for another workshop  to be used at a later date before the end of the following season. Please contact us for extenuating circumstances.  

Soda Train Kiln Workshop 

June 4th-June 6th : Dee Varney


This is a 12-14 hour wood soda firing, providing atmospheric surface effects of wood ash, soda, embers, and localized reduction cooling. 


Day one:  Participants will be walked through wadding and loading Ruby, the soda train kiln. We will discuss the unique firing process of this kiln. 

Day 2 - Firing Day : Participants will arrive at approximately 10:00 am. The kiln will have been candled overnight and the initial fire lit before their arrival. Participants will fire the train kiln with guidance and learn to listen to the kiln, participating with the kiln as a partner  in their exploration of the process. 


Day 3:  Unloading of the kiln will occur in the afternoon along with discussion of results. Participants will help clean up the kiln yard, shelves, and kiln furniture. Some demonstrations will be given on cleaning up wood fired pots post-firing.

Students are allotted 2.5 cubic feet of  cone 10 bisque ware along with 2-3 small stuffer pieces that we can fill small gaps with as needed. For those not used to thinking in these measurements, 2.5 cu foot is approximately 15-20  6 inch tall mug sized pieces. We discourage the use of very wide low forms such as dinner plates as these are many times difficult to fit in while being considerate to fellow participants. There will be a small handful of slips and glazes which can be utilized at time of loading. Participants are encouraged to use their own researched cone 10 slips and glazes as this fosters explorations and further discussion with fellow participants.


After sign-up, you'll receive an email with in the next 5-7 days with further details such as recommended clay bodies, recommended PPE, what to expect during a firing, cancelation policy, waiver etc...